P0526. Consider this as my own words to you…

Bron onbekend

Dear other me,
Maybe you can hear me
as I call out to you.
We may be apart
even when
we are close together.

And yet,
when I put my eyes on you.
I can see myself
like a mirror.

You and me are one.
A part of God
like everyone else.

We might have parted
early or late in time.
But when I look at you
I can feel
the essence of God in your eyes.

It may not reach me
and can even take
years or lifetimes.

But, when we contact
the essence of being
is there.
As pure as it can be.
As pure we are able to feel it.

It is there for everyone,
but we often forget.
So I’ll tell you one more time,
and hope you can feel it now.

Dear soul,
I love you
with all my being
and support you
with all that I can.
And I hope you
will never forget