P0488. For two


I never ment to hurt you
It is the past
that came by

It wasn’t me
My love was pure
I never smiled
when someone wants to hurt your soul
I fight them
All the time
I fight for you
PLay with them…to
understand what they want

i did care a lot
For you!

Trust is a word in
this world hard to find

I am not like you thougt
I am just like You
Turn it around
You will see

You will know!
Mirror Me
Mirror You

And see


Angel Come To Me
To Me Come To Me
Angel Belong To Me
To Me Belong To Me
Angel You Have Wings
To Fly Fly To Me
Angel Do You Doubt
No Need To Have Doubt
Angel Feel My Love
My Love For You
Feel My Love For You
Angel Carry Me To You
To Your Home
To Paradise
Angel I Would Lie For You
For You Just For You
With My Yearning Heart
And Angel I Would Die For You
For You Just For You
With My Burning Heart
Angel Don’t Feel Liable
For Me And My Pain
Don’t Feel Liable
Cause Angels Must Be Free
High Up From This World In Eternity
Angel I Could Clip Your Wings
To Catch All Your Love
To Calm Your Pain
But Angel This Would Be So Wrong
You Would Bleed To Death Immediately
So Angel Come To Me
Heal My Glaring Pain Voluntarily
I Love You