P0338. My Hope


Once you were standing in front of me
So ‘unexpected’,so shining,so close,so pure
I could feel your breath, I could here your heartbeat
But I didn’t…
I was overwhelmed with your tenderness
So without anyone, standing there for just that moment
Like two magnets..our souls reaching out for each other
I longed for your embrace..so overwhelmed..so happy
You embraced me with your eyes, your whispering voice, the sound of desire..
Now you’re so far away from me, working hard
So long without your smile..
Now desire knocks on my door
But lucky me,there’s..
A little laugh in my heart and a soft smile on my face
I feel you near, I feel your embrace
Every night you come to me..when I stop thinking..I surrender..I feel you..
I love you and your dream

I felt on that special moment
Your intensifying love, your tenderness
It meant the world to me..
On that moment..you gave me..You
Oh..my love..miss you so bad..