P0307. Pain


Someone pushed on the button of me;
‘I’m so sorry’
Someone pushed on the button of;
‘I’m the one to blame’
They found that button of;
‘Caring and to love everybody around’
And I thought I was their happiness keeper
They spoke to me and I thought..
I was the one to blame
Now I know it’s their pain

My pain is important too
My pain of missing you
When I realize..
they pushed the button of;
‘Caring and loving’
My pain is vanishing

My love is caring and tender
My life has always been the same
So..now I finally know
I’m not the one to blame

God isn’t punishing me
He gave me an opportunity
To find myself, to be me
He pushed on that button
He sent you to me
My mirror, my destiny
And I like it, I accept
I love my other me

I love you
Like He loves me