P0220. Dropping veils


Last night you appeared in my dream again
Sitting next to me, drinking white wine from a lemonade glass while sitting on the street You dropped your veil for just a tiny little moment
Just to let me know how things work for you
and I’m grateful you did ’cause now I understand why you’re acting the way you do
You aren’t ready to face your feelings in broad daylight
Only by night and in an intoxicated state of mind you dare to feel what your heart is telling you, so you said to me
No hard feelings my love, time will learn you how to deal with this like it taught me through the years
Please let me come closer, you don’t need to be affraid, I won’t let you down
You’re my heart, my love, my air and my life
You’re the oxygen I breath, the energy that keeps me going
I need you but I won’t ever claim you
Be free to live your life
I will follow you with all the love I have to give
Thanks for visiting me tonight