P0170. Here comes the sun


How hard it is to know someone
like no one else knows them
It takes a strong heart to believe
But I know you better than myself

Still you remain a mystery
Yes, you always will be
I myself question my sanity
Even as I write down these words

We did know all this before
But it wasn’t meant to be
Your life is now what it is
because of what it was without me

It’s all okay I understand
I agree with everything you did
I’m a big girl now, I can do this
My daily life is blessed and fine

It’s for the best you’re not mine
We’re so alike, maybe too much
My love, I know it’s a blessing in disguise
We didn’t get used to each other’s touch

But allow me my hurt sometimes
I need to see with my own eyes
You’re still here, that you’re real
I need to feel it, the love and pain

I have to keep working on my dream
The one that’s mine, but will be shared
One day you will hold it in your hands
All about peace of mind and exotic lands

Please be well, sweet beautiful mystery
Share all the love you have in you
Blessed are those with you in their life
Take care of everyone, as they will too

P.S. I am truly happy for you