P0156. Loving you


Thinking of you is pleasure
Is loving you forever
Is keeping distance
because I love you so much
It hurts when I can’t be
with you with all the love I have in me
Then therefore I take a deep breath
and go on where I am
In the presence of my being
I am glad I know you
I am so glad that you found me
Or that I found you
That we found each other
And we know what our true purpose is
How long and how much it was a struggle
I love you constantly, without any regret
There was never a doubt in my heart
We belong in each others arms
I am glad that I know that you love me
So much..it hurts
Not the love is hurting but the missing
of us being together in real
But in my nights you’re my lover
Lover of my being
Love of my life of all my lives
Greatest love for now and forever
Send you my sweetest kisses
warm and tender dreams
hope I’ll meet you there

Don’t know if this was meant for me but it feels like it is. Sounds like your style of talking. And I love you talking to me with your soft nice and warm voice. I love you being next to me, touching me by accident. I love you looking into my eyes trying to figure out what I’m thinking. I can tell you, everything you hoped for is true. It’s strictly forbidden but it’s there. Nobody knows about the love in my heart, the deep deep love for you, my only man in all my lives. Miss you.