P0076. Once we were one

Valerie Olmsted © 2006

Once we were One
and decided on adventure.
To explore, and become,
and create, and have fun.

We were inseparable then,
as indeed we are now.
We only knew Light, Power,
Wisdom, Compassion, and Love.

Then We heard of a game
the Source called “Life on Earth”.
We wanted to play, and signed up
with great mirth.

We found it so funny—
We laughed ‘til we cried,
to forget who We are?
Let’s jump on that ride!

Then We became two, but
not separate yet.
We cannot be separate,
Twin Flames, don’t forget.

We descended and spiraled
way down, into Matter.
The coach told Us when,
amid much too much clatter.

The noise, the gross smells,
the chaos and confusion,
how far we then fell,
right into Illusion.

We came then into a universe so free;
already mired, caught up in the spell.
We passed Lucifer’s place;
I think they call it “Hell”.

Suddenly We split,
each lost track of the Other.
Our agreement was clear:
find each other on Mother.

This place seemed so huge,
this planet called Earth.
We came into that life,
through something called “birth”.

We knew not each other then,
but came to know others;
all sisters and brothers,
but of different mothers.

The game started in earnest then,
confusing as Hell.
What the heck do I do now,
how can I do well?

Why am I here now?
I wondered at times.
Who am I, why am I,
what difference makes Time?

On occasion I encountered
another so fine,
my resistance was futile,
my resolve would unwind.

That Other came not every lifetime,
it seemed, but only at those times
I’d lost it, or in a dream. Or maybe
when He’d lost it too…what a thought!

That Other played both sides,
and I did as well.
Both darkness and Light,
both Heaven and Hell.

We even changed genders,
in this great Game,
and tried out all manner of
costumes and names.

Eventually we grew and became
something new.
Something much Higher, Light-er
and then we knew:

This IS just a Game!
We two came to see,
it is serious We’ve played it,
now let’s play it with glee!

We came yet again
to correct each the Other,
to really connect,
completely Love one another.

Ah—such Bliss,
for We two once were One;
to connect so much deeper,
to remember…such fun!

We forgot that such time
in the Game is so short,
We forgot there was more work,
forgot the more forks.

The forks in the path are
there for a purpose:
the purpose of balance,
the purpose of Purpose.

Such pain there was then,
in that last awful split.
Such pain in my heart,
that I almost quit.

I felt that great tear,
that huge loss in my heart—
that could not be repaired,
that’s what I thought.

It took quite a long time,
a long journey for me,
to finally remember,
He travels with me.

He always is with me,
as near as can be.
He cannot be far,
for We two are Free.

We freely chose,
to come down here and play.
We did it for fun,
there is no delay.

Everything comes
in just the right time,
it all is Perfection,
it all is Divine.

And now I remember,
and rejoice in my Knowing;
We can never be separate,
but had to think that, for growing.

Our Vesica Piscus
is almost complete,
Our growing together,
with experiences replete.

My Other, My One,
He helps me to see.
Soon We two will be One again,
complete, He with She.

This journey has been hard,
fraught with danger, it seems.
But We came for a big job:
wake up those who dream.

So wake up, you dreamers,
So We all can go Home!
Wake up and remember,
you have Twin Souls.

Remember the One you
seemed to have lost;
that Now Is The Time,
recall not the cost.

Our Twin Flame awaits Us,
each One of Us now.
whether this side or that,
doesn’t matter somehow.

The greatest glory waits
much nearer than far;
just remember your Twin Flame,
and for your Mission, raise the bar!

Shine now, Twin Flames,
Shine NOW with great Love—
Our Love comes direct,
from Heaven above.

There is nothing can stop Us
from being Ourselves,
nothing but Us,
certainly nothing like Hell.

Remember that Now,
align all Twin Flames,
and let’s get on Home,
and say “thanks for the Game”